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Panty Hose Pussy Worship

On your knees for Panty Hose Pussy Worship!

Panty Hose Pussy Worship


Your eyes travel up my body, from my pretty painted toes to my smooth silky legs. Your hands slide up my thighs as you feel that soft pantyhose under your fingertips. You don’t care if I’m clean or sweaty! You love it all don’t you? Craving the real scent of a real woman! Nor perfume is finer than a woman’s scent!

I am laid out on the bed for you now as I spread my thick thighs for you. Urging you to come closer for Panty Hose Pussy Worship. My pussy is dripping wet through my pantyhose. How much of a freak are you? Want me to give you a golden shower through my pantyhose? I will fulfill all your dirty desires!

Do you like feet to? Want to suck each and every one of my toes through my pantyhose? Rubbing my stocking covered toes across your lips. Sliding my sexy soles up and down your cock! Want me to give you a foot job! Desire to shoot your load all over my feet & toes?


I own you during Panty Hose Pussy Worship!

Don’t hold back during Panty Hose Pussy Worship Phone Sex! My cunt honey as you bring your hungry mouth to my entrance to taste me. That sweetness coats your tongue as you push it deep inside ofDouble Penetration Phone Sex my honey pot. It feels so good when you lick and tongue fuck my panty hose covered cunt.

Licking me with that fat tongue as you devour me. Your nose is pushing and rubbing my swollen clit as you smell my sexy scent. Using your tongue like a scoop to get every last drop of juice. Your jones-ing for my cunt juice like a freak aren’t you!

I bet your feeming for my Pantyhose covered legs right now. Want to rung your lips & tongue up my stocking covered thighs? Breathing in my hot wet scent of my juicy cunt! Licking my pussy lips through my nylons. You love those sheer nude & sheer black control tops don’t you! Of course you do!


Panty Hose Pussy Worship leaves you addicted!

Your in a trance after you peel off my panties. Ready & waiting for Panty Hose Pussy Worship Phone Sex! Grinding against me as you take in more of my scent. Now worship my Panty hose covered pussy. Groveling & licking with your hungry mouth, as you lick and nibble every inch of my cunt.

Close your lips around my clit as you suck me, swirl and grind your tongue on it while I’m in your mouth. Abuse my clit as you take three fingers and start to work them in and out of me. Finger fuck me deep as you worship my wet pussy! You just can’t get enough!

Want me to be your kinky accomplice? We can sneak into the dressing room where I work. I can put up hidden cameras so you can watch all the shoppers try on panty hose all day! Imagine all those customers cumming in to try on panty hose nylons garters & stockings! To be extra kinky I sit beside you on my break & jerk you off.


Confess your Panty Hose Pussy Worship secrets!

Have Panty Hose Pussy Worship secrets? When was the first time you knew your love of pantyhose? Blow Job Phone SexWas it your sister or was it mommy? Maybe it was your hot profess in class? Do you stare at women’s stocking covered legs at work? Thinking about rubbing your cock all over them? Ever steal a pair of dirty pantyhose? Confess your secrets to me!

It’s time to confess your dirty desires! Tell me everything no matter how dirty. Did you jerk off in your moms panty hose as a young man? I have a caller who runs an apartment. He lets himself into his tenants places from time to time. Scoping out dirty panties and stockings

My caller even puts hidden cameras all over the place. This way he can jerk off at home and watch all his tenants shower, get dressed & undressed. Waiting for his favorite tenants who wear pantyhose. Putting them on & taking them off for work! He always calls me when he is watching . Jerking his wet dick off as he tells me whom he’s watching now!


My Panty Hose Pussy Worship fulfills your cravings!

Craving my cum? Make me squirt all over your face so you can lap up every drop. I can’t wait to cover you in my fuck juices! Lap up my sweet honey like the freak in the sheets you are! Kinky freaks like you really get my pussy wet!

You know you want all this cunt juice. Suck the crotch of my pantyhose dry! Want to rub your cock in my pantyhose? Jerking off in the leg of one of my stockings feels so good. That sexy silky smooth fabric working its way up & down.

Loving my black sheer stockings sliding up & down your fuck stick! Twisting one off as you lick my wet crotch of my pantyhose. Edging yourself Until your ready to bend me over and fuck me through my stockings!

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