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Leggings Fetish Phone Sex






Leggings Fetish Phone Sex


Curious about Leggings Fetish Phone Sex?

Sexy leggings make it hard to focus on your workout. Makes you want to get on your knees for ass worship! Do you ever wonder if women wear leggings and yoga pants just to torment you? Your trying to pump iron or go for a run and then before you know it your cock is rock  hard.


Horny for Leggings Fetish Phone Sex?

You get so horny when you see me in my workout cloths. Do you have a desire for Leggings Fetish Phone Sex? Does the sight of  yoga pants make your cock hard? Or do you prefer skin tight Latex or Spandex? Do you like them sheer or opaque? Is there a certain color or pattern that gets you going?


Feast your eyes on my Leggings Fetish Phone Sex thighs!

Skin tight fabric that accentuates a woman’s hips and thighs. Skin tight paper thin fabric hugging my nice full ass. Hugging up into my came toe. Leaving nothing to the imagination. I bet you want to rip a hole in the crotch of my leggings and fuck me hard! My plump peach is begging for punishment. Wanna be my gym buddy?


When did you first know you were into Leggings Fetish Phone Sex?

Are you loving the view when I bend over? Oops I dropped something! You can’t help but stare at my ass in my sheer yoga pants. Get lost in my nice round booty. Thin fabric stretched over my fat ass! Your dick is so hard looking at my booty bump. Look how snug my leggings are! This hot and nasty curvy milf  wants you to be hands on.


What kind of Leggings Fetish Phone Sex turns you on the most?

Rub your hard cock all over my leggings covered body. My leggings are nice and tight sucking into my hot wet pussy! You might even like me in them sweaty after a good workout. Want to cum on my  leggings? Or do you want to help me pull them off?


Lets get kinky during Leggings Fetish Phone Sex!

Or perhaps I’ll keep them on and let you fuck a hole through the!. Uh-oh my leggings got all wet in the shower. Now they fit me like second skin. Wanna stretch me and fill me up? Smell my vagina in my leggings after a workout. If your really kinky maybe I’ll pee in them for you.

What workout shall I do first during Leggings Fetish Phone Sex? Shall I do squats and splits over your rock hard dick? You could be my kinky trainer who shows me some moves. Want to demonstrate deep flexibility?  I think my panties are wet!


Catch me having Leggings Fetish Phone Sex!

Or perhaps I didn’t wear any. Maybe you catch me going for a jog with my ass bouncing up an down in my workout leggings. My tits bouncing in my sports bra. When I stretch my yoga pants keep riding down. You try to see as far down the crack of my ass as you can. Disappointed when I stand back up.

Your so turned on it takes all your control not to grab a big handful of my ass and hips. What you wouldn’t give to spot me right now. Your mind wanders at putting your face right in my ass. Smelling my ass and pussy through my skin tight leggings.


Make me take your Leggings Fetish Phone Sex cock!

Pulling me on top of that bulge forming in your pants. I am such a fucking dick tease! Like the view? My ass needs such a good slap! I bet you want to give me a nice sexy wedgie and rub your cock in it. How’s the view baby? Wanna grab more than a mouthful?

Your mouth waters at that perfect triangle with the fabric snug in the camel toe. Nothing to the imagination. Go ahead rub your cock on my legging covered pussy. I know you want to. Press your bulge against my ass through my yoga pants.

Maybe I’ll use your face as my chair. Have you had enough of my teasing? You might have to teach me a lesson. You might need to pull these leggings down. Teach this nasty curvy slut what happens when they tease a horny man like you.


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