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Spanking Fetish Phone Sex

Spanking Fetish Phone Sex

Spanking Fetish Phone Sex

Spanking Fetish Phone Sex started at the bar. You were watching from the bar as I bump and grind against another man. My tight short dress lifts on my thighs as my ass presses against him. His big hard-on pressed right between my thick ass cheeks through the fabric. I look over and motion for you to follow us upstairs as I head toward the elevator.
I could feel the sexual tension as we make our way in. My dance partner and I kiss, while you kiss the back of my neck. His cock is rubbing against my thigh as yours is against my ass. I can tell the both of you are very turned on. Your mostly going to watch as you edge yourself. You love watching me get fucked !

The fun begins during Spanking Fetish Phone Sex.

Your hard dick throbbing in anticipation at what’s to cum. You love watching hot women get fucked! Watching us take strange well hung meaty dicks in all our holes! Edging yourself to the side while you getDouble Penetration Phone Sex a birds eye view! Reveling in the moment while you watch us getting what’s cumming to us!
Spanking Fetish Phone Sex got you all hot and bothered. Once we reach the hotel room my dance partner grabs me and kisses me deep as he grabs both ass cheeks. You start to get excited as his big hand comes down hard to spank my fat ass. He continues to spank each cheek hard as I start to squirm.

I get fucked hard during Spanking Fetish Phone Sex!

Spanking Fetish RoleplayYou love how firm & strong his hand comes down on my ass. The perfect snap of the wrist as his open palm hits my ass cheek. The slapping sound each time his hand cracks my nice round ass. Watching the red print beginning to form on my skin.
My pussy gets soaked as my ass starts to throb with his steady spanking. You watch us as he begins to thrust his fingers into my wet cunt. My lacy panties are pulled to the side as he finger fucks me hard. We make our way to the bed and he bends me over and rips my panties off.

I take my Spanking Fetish Phone Sex like a good girl!

I take every inch during Spanking Fetish Phone Sex. He takes out his throbbing 10-inch dick and slaps it against my ass cheeks before sliding the head of his cock inside my hungry cunt. You grab my panties and start to stroke your cock as you watch him beat up my slutty cunt.

The sound of his deep thrusts as his balls slap against me. His hand slaps & spanks my ass harder. The sound of being spanked echoes before his hand comes down hard on my ass again. The loud smacks get louder as both cheeks turn cherry red from his kinky punishment.


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As he cums deep inside me he spanks my ass harder & harder. My skin where he is spanking me getting nice & beet red! You know its starting to sting as I wince at each spank. Moaning like a little whore while my lover spanks me like a naughty girl!

You blow your load as I moan cum & wince as I am getting fucked & Spanked simultaneously! Do you love hearing about my Spanking Fetish Phone Sex adventures? Or prefer to share some of your own? Want me to dominate your ass with my riding crop, hand or belt? You can be my dirty daddy who punishes me. I can be your strict mommy who keeps you in line! What kind of Spanking phone sex are you down for? Call me lets find out together!

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