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Naughty tit fuck and facial

Naughty tit fuck and facial

 Naughty tit fuck and facial Phone Sex!

You have been waiting so long for my Naughty tit fuck and facial. I asked for a raise & you made it clear this is how I get it. I will do anything to get ahead. Moving up in your company is well worth giving in to your every desire. I knew I had a full night planned of sucking & fucking when you texted me after work!

I don’t mind kissing & licking ass along with every drop of your cum! A girls gotta get ” a head” in this world! I like to start at the bottom & work my way up! Nothing wrong with hard work! Rolling my sleeves up & getting my hands (and face) dirty! I am dedicated to my boss in every way! It’s not really work if you love what you do right?


Cover me in your Naughty tit fuck and facial!

You sit down at the edge of the bed in your black suit, my sexy boss. Ordering me to get down on all fours. Demanding I crawl over to you in nothing but my panties. Commanding Me to sit right between your legs looking up at you.

Of course I submissively got on my knees. Kneeling like a good little slut. worshipping my bosses superior dick! I love a man who’s in charge! Nothing turns me on more than a dominate Alpha man who knows what he wants! Go ahead and dominate me lover!

I want to be your filthy office slut to fuck! On my knees or on my back I got you! I know how to take direction. Always committed to the task in hand! Doing anything to please you! Satisfying you is my deepest desire! Ask & you will receive the very best in Naughty tit fuck and facial phone sex!

I’m open wide for Naughty tit fuck and facial Roleplay!

Your thighs spread apart to show your bulging fat cock through your slacks. I Slowly unzip your fly and take out your cock. Your thick erection against my plump lips. Telling me to suck it during Phone Sex. I licked and lapped every inch of your rock hard dick. Feeling you tapping it on my head. Smiling down at me.

Ever obedient I do anything that is asked of me. I am your toy to play with. Your slut to fuck! A willing slave to serve at your feet! Some girls don’t like having their faces come on or having their tits fucked! I love being covered in your creamy wet messy goodness.  Getting down & dirty with you whenever we play.


I’m hungry for a Naughty tit fuck and facial!

I give the tip of your cock a kiss as I look up at you, before taking it into my mouth. Feeling your cockDouble Penetration Phone Sex thrust into my mouth feels so good. My nipples get hard as I squeeze my tits around your dick. You start to thrust harder as you fuck my tits and my hungry mouth. Your fat balls slap against my chin hard as your cock hits the back of my throat.


Take control during Naughty tit fuck and facial!

Grabbing my head with your hands, you pump that thick fuck stick in and out of my mouth. Fucking my face until my mascara starts to smudge and my red lipstick is covering your cock. Submitting to your big fat dick as you fuck my throat like a pussy!


Feed me your Naughty tit fuck and facial!

Phonesex with Nasty BBW CrystalYou just love to make me a mess as I deep-throat you. You take your cock out and slap it on my mouth as I stick my tongue out for you. Stroking your cock up and down in your hands now as you tease me. You just love to hear me beg for it. Please feed me your cum! I’m so hungry for your jizz! You tell me to open wide & feed me every drop. What a good little whore I am for my horny Boss!


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