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Sissy BBC Phone Sex

Sissy BBC Phone Se

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My sissy and I have always wanted to share big black cocks. So I invited over several hung black studs so they can have their way with both of us. Now it’s time to get ready for our horny studs. We love getting dressed up together. Wearing matching lingerie heels & dresses. We do each others makeup & nails. Bonding over the Big black Dicks we plan to share!

Are you new to sissy phone sex? Have you ever fucked a big black cock? It’s ok to be just cock curious. We can do anything in fantasy. Share all your kinky Sissy BBC Phone Sex desires with me. Tell me how you take those big black dicks in your mouth & sissy pussy! Have you ever cross dressed? Do you like the feeling of women’s lingerie & pantyhose against your skin?


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Time to dress up my favorite slutty sissy in some thin lacy lingerie. You look so sexy wearing that thin white lace with your nipples showing through and that soft pink lipstick on. I choose a red lace set with deep red lipstick. We coordinate & match our outfits & makeup depending on our mood.  Does wearing pink make you feel more submissive? Do you find Red makes you feel more daring?


Does Sissy BBC Phone Sex get your sissy clit hard?

When the doorbell rings, I get up to greet our studs in nothing but my lingerie and a smile.  Leading them to the bedroom where you are waiting. Your body is laid out on the bed with a blindfold over your eyes. You want to be surprised by Big black dicks. Loving how they man handle you with their big strong black hands. How they force you to take dicks in both your sissy fuck holes!


Bow down & serve during Sissy BBC Phone Sex!

I can see your hard sissy clit through your panties when we walk in the room. Leaning over the bed and lightly kissing you while I bend over. I begin to deepen our kiss as when I feel a hot mouth on against my pussy, through my panties. I begin to rub your sissy clit & blow in your ear. Whispering that our entertainment for the evening has arrived.


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One of the men pulled my panties to the side and started to eat me. His thick tongue sliding up and down my slit before he pushes it inside of me. He goes deep inside of me with his tongue as I moan into your mouth.  I lick your sissy pussy with my tongue while my cunt gets tongue fucked. You begin to let out the hottest sissy faggot moans as I eat your ass.


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You start to squirm when you a big hand starts to feel you up and slides under your panties. Your wet sissy pussy is ready and waiting as you feel him push a thick finger into you. Adding more fingers nice and slow. He knows how to massage your prostrate nice & deep. Making your sissy pussy ready to take take big black dick!

Adding more until he stretches your tight sissy pussy out. Finger fucking you before he slides that fat black cock inside you. Pushing it in and out nice and slow until he is balls deep with every inch deep inside of you. Fucking you hard while you scream & moan like a sissy faggot slut! Your sissy clit is rock hard now. Leaking precum from the head as that gorgeous black man fucks your man pussy!

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