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Sloppy seconds phone sex

Sloppy seconds phone sex

Sloppy seconds phone sex

Let’s get real nasty during Sloppy seconds phone sex!  I want you to go out and have a weekend full of fucking, make sure you get some ass fucking in there.

When your ready for more  sensual fun call me. You can tie me up and use me! Pleasure your self with my tongue and mouth. Enjoy all my tight wet pretty pink holes. Make me worship your hard dick!

Maybe you just got done fucking your wife. You can’t wait to make me taste her pussy on your cock. First you rub your pecker all over my face. Making me smell her cunt on you.

Tapping my forehead with your dick. Reminding me of my place. I’ll never be an elegant lady like your wife. I’m just the fuck bitch you cum in. With your wife you like it slow and gentle. With me you like it rough and deep.


Give me your Sloppy seconds!

I can’t wait to open wide for your big hard dick. It’s ok if you’ve have a wife or girlfriend. I’m a nasty slut who craves cock constantly. I don’t mind sharing you with the other girls. Always grateful for your extraSpanking Fetish Phone Sex special attention. My oral & anal skills are sure to please. So desperate to drain your nuts.

I feem for your dick all day. Dreaming of the last time you fucked me real good. Rubbing my fat thighs together. Licking my lips as I remember the taste of your cock on my lips.

Sometimes you don’t even look at me when you use me. Preferring to watch porn as I service you instead. Using me to get off in. I’m just your dirty fuck slut. Begging for sloppy seconds of your dick!


Whores like me take it all!

Give me your Sloppy seconds phone sex whenever your ready. Take advantage of my constant cravings Phone sex with Nasty Girl Crystalfor cock! Let me be your dirty oral cum slut. Suck your dick dry like a dick addicted whore. Draining your balls. After you rub your balls all over my face and piss all over me.

Degrade me in every way. Then sweetly bend me over and pound my tight little shit hole until I cum like a good little bitch! Tell how much you love using me like the dirty whore I am.

I love being used. Something about being treated like a total whore makes me cum so hard. I was a major slut all through school. All the guys knew who to cum to. I was always there to get their dicks wet! Let me be that curvy slut who begs for your nut. Who never says no and never lets you down!


Just a nasty cum dumpster to jizz in!

I can’t wait to be nasty, dirty, filthy, slippery,  and B$D! Ready to drink from your piston of nectar and cream. Give it to me ass to mouth. Filthy whores like me love to get totally down and dirty. I could be that side chick phone mistress who wears a crotch snap bodysuit. Ready to finger my hot wet pussy for you on the phone.

Or maybe I wear  panties with the pussy and ass cut out. So I am always open and ready for your dick! You snuck out of the house as fast as you could. Your wife or girlfriends scent still on your skin. Her kisses on your collar. Her pussy juices still on your cock. After making love to her and fulfilling her desires it left your wanting. Your needs left unmet.


Ready for Sloppy seconds phone sex?

You will enjoy our time together. I am spontaneous, creative kinky and filthy!  Let me be that decadentSloppy seconds phone sex curvy slut that stimulates you. I love sucking your pussy covered cock.  Draining your balls is a hobby of mine.

I will indulge all your fetishes. We can get as hot nasty weird and wild as you want! I can’t wait to be your lovely phone whore. Your deepthroating ass to mouth princess who takes it any way you give it to me!


Call me when your looking for a trashy slut to play with. Tired of your boring wife? The same old bump and grind. You have fantasies she will never indulge. That’s where I cum in. Entrust your dirtiest filthiest fantasies to me.




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